Sunday, October 23, 2011

26th SEA Games - Top Contenders

There is no question on who will emerge as the over-all champion in the 26th SEA Games. It's Indonesia who will top the podium. Thailand on the other side may collide with Vietnam in second place. And Malaysia may get into top 3 also. These four countries are now the powerhouses in sports in Southeast Asian Games. They are the teams to beat and highly favorite in the November meet.

Indonesia, being the host of this year's SEA Games edition is likely to dominate most of the newly sports added. Paragliding (12 golds), Bridge (9 golds), Sport Climbing (10 golds) and Roller Sport with 12 golds at stake. These sports which Indonesia added are their strength capable of winning most of the medal aside from Badminton.

 Singapore will not land on top 3 but expected to showcase in Aquatics, Shooting, Table tennis and Sailing. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Indonesia Still Not Ready for SEA Games 2011?

 With less than a month to open the Southeast Asian biennial sporting event, Indonesia is still on its construction of some of its sporting venues. INASOC, the official SEA Games organizing committee is optimistic that SEA Games will be held as scheduled despite some changes of venues like in Shooting. The 2011 Asian Age Group Swimming Championships supposedly to be held in Palembang was move also to Jakarta. It will be a test event for the SEA Games in Palembang but due to poor progress in construction of aquatic center the competition was moved to the capital city. 
Also, the beach volleyball venue is having problem. 

 So what will be expected for SEA Games Indonesia? All participating athletes are ready but some venues are not. Will this edition of SEA Games a successful one? Or Indonesia just became ambitious for this SEA Games? Are Indonesian athletes affected by this problem and other SEA Games controversies? Will Indonesia take its 10th over-all championships this time despite all problems? I don't know if this edition will be a successful event. I think Indonesia became ambitious to hold the biggest SEA Games edition with the most number of sporting events. Having some unknown sports or should I say recreational sports, Indonesia feels that they will win most of the medals. They have a very good chance to win the over-all championships because of those unlikely sports. But Indonesia have to make it sure that their athletes are ready and prepared to put them in top. What concerns me most is the time left for them in preparing the venues and if they will postpone the opening of the SEA Games?