Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sports News

Did you know that "sports news" is the first thing I'm looking in the newspaper? It was 20 years ago since being attached to sports and it is still my favorite. Reading sports article and watching sports shows are not just entertainment for me but became part of my life. As I go along with sports, I become more aware of sports development (if any) and the history the Philippines making in the field of sports.

I was in my grade school when I learned to play a board game. It was not chess that I learned first but the board game "dama". It is easier than chess. It was just a fun game for me but what I like most was when I knew that I am near of winning. It's the excitement. It's the anticipation of winning or losing. This is why I love reading sports article. You are learning and at the same time you are getting excited on the sports. 

Nowadays, print articles are less produced because of the sprouting emergence of online news on internet. With this kind of media, news are easily gathered and disseminated around the world. But with vast information we can read online, we can immediately know the schedules, fixtures and results of our favorite games. 

With this article, I would like to express my full gratitude to those who are behind the written and online sports articles. Thank you.