Monday, July 29, 2013

Indonesian Volleyball team Rely on Youth

Source: Kompas


National women's volleyball team is prepared to face the 2013 Games in Myanmar in December which is dominated by young players. Only few athletes like Amalia Fajrina and Novriali Yami who has the experience of playing in the SEA Games before are in the line-up.

"A lot of old players were called but most of them can not join because of studies (college), work and others. This brings now young players in the team. Some of them, like Ayu is 16 years old and had entered national training this year." said the girls' volleyball coach Muhammad Ansori, on the sidelines of an exercise routine in Padepokan Volleyball, Sentul, West Java, on Monday (29/07/2013).

Ansori said, this is a new young team training for two months. In this short time, teamwork is not fully formed.

"The most difficult is to combine them into one team. They're coming from different clubs throughout Indonesia."said Ansori. To see the results of his athletes' exercise done, the men's team plans to invite Ansori Maluku Volley Ball Club for sparring the Padepokan Volleyball, next week.

"The hope of course is better than ever. The plus side, they are a lot of young, good spirits too young spirit, "said Ansori.

Previously, the girls' volleyball team has done sparring with Maluku Volley Volley Ball Club in GOR, Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, on Thursday (25/07/2013). However, Ansori was not satisfied because the team did not show satisfactory results. There are still a lot of fundamental errors that should be corrected.

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