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Who will top the Medal board at the 27th SEA Games?

In just a few days from now, the opening of the 27th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games will kick off on the 11th of December. As expected, Myanmar is set to showcase its culture and traditional dances at the opening with extravagance. Fireworks, light displays and Burmese performers are all set.

With all those amazing artworks at the opening, the question is who will win most of the medals at stake at the biennial meet.

Our team has its own analysis on what may be the output of the games. Base on our reviews and researches, Thailand is still the country to beat and will be the overall champion. 

Despite of some disregarded Olympic sports at the 27th SEA Games like tennis, beach volleyball, gymnastics and fencing, Thailand has the strongest among the SEA nations fielding its determined athletes. Women's volleyball is as usual the one of the contributors of gold medal for Thailand. But the biggest contributors will come from medal-rich sports like athletics, swimming, boxing and taekwondo. These are just some of sports that will contribute for Thailand's medal. Contact sports are also good sources of gold medals for Thai athletes.

Seeing for second place is Vietnam which is a strong country for SEA Games and consistently on top 3 since it hosted the Games in 2003. Vietnam is good in combat and martial art sports (Karate, wushu, vovinam, judo, taekwondo and wrestling). Also, athletics in women's division contributes a lot in their gold medal haul. Swimming is also seen as a good source of gold medals for Vietnam as its swimmers were well trained for this edition of SEA Games. Chess is also a source.

2011 overall champion Indonesia may come 3rd place on the overall medal board. Since some sports where they won most of gold medals were stripped, it will be hard for them to earn as much gold in Myanmar. This team is what we called the "balance team" because every sports can deliver at least a gold medal for the White-Red flag. Contact sports is also Indonesia's forte (karate and pencak silat). Weightlifting and badminton are still the sports they will excel.

In fourth place, it is a battle among the four nations - the host Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. 

Among the four, Malaysia and Myanmar has the highest chances. Myanmar as host is given the right to choose sports to be calendared. Also it raises the number of gold medals on sports where they are very capable of winning. For instance, Chinlone - a sport-like  sepak takraw has 8 gold medal and 6 are eyed by the host. Other sports that can be sources of gold for Myanmar are Traditional boat race, archery, body building and judges-scored sports events.

Malaysia like Singapore will have their source of gold medals in swimming. Aside from swimming, Malaysia is favorite to win in cycling, shooting and wushu. While Singapore aside from swimming and water polo has table tennis and sailing.

Surprisingly, Philippines despite of the struggles also has a good chance coming in 4th place. Sending lean delegation, Filipinos is favorite to win in basketball, boxing, taekwondo, wushu and athletics. Swimming may also deliver with their two filipino-american male swimmers. And don't forget billiards where they are known for.

For the 8th to 11th places, we see Laos-Cambodia-Brunei-Timor Leste respectively.  

We also predict that all countries will get gold medal at least one. 

On December 4 (tomorrow), Chinlone will give the first two gold medals from the 460 events of the 33 sports to be played at the 27th SEA Games.

Good luck ASEAN athletes!!!

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