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Netball SEA Games team to be named after Fiji tour

SINGAPORE — A 14-strong Singapore national netball team will travel to Fiji from April 14 to 22 in a final chance to make the cut for head coach Ruth Aitken’s squad of 12 players for the South-east Asian (SEA) Games in June.

Netball Singapore announced the team will be captained by Micky Lin, with Chen Huifen and Nurul Baizura as co-vice captains.

The final SEA Games team will be announced upon their return ahead of friendly matches on May 8 and 9 against the Hong Kong Football Club’s netball team.

“I know how much it means to have netball back in the SEA Games and for the team to be playing in front of our home crowd,” said Aitken.

“The hard work continues over the next two months to get that final team as best prepared as it possibly can be, and this includes giving them important match practice so they are fully fit and ready to play at game tempo when they step on court for their first match.”

After the SEA Games, trials for the Netball World Cup, which will be held in Sydney from Aug 7 to 16, will begin.

The 14-strong team travelling to Fiji: Micky Lin, Chen Huifen, Nurul Baizura, Ang Shiqi, Chen Li Li, Premila Hirubalan, Yasmin Ho, Shelby Koh, Pamela Liew, Kimberly Lim, Natalie Long, Charmaine Soh, Anna Soo, Shina Teo.

Netball Singapore have named a 14-strong national team (pictured), captained by Micky Lin (back row, extreme left), to Fiji from April 14 to 22 in what is a final chance to impress national head coach Ruth Aitken for her 12-strong team for the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore. Photo: Netball Singapore

Source:  www.todayonline.com

AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup SEA Zone 2015 - Schedules & Results

The AVC BV Continental Cup SEA Zone 2015 will be held in Nong Khai, Thailand on April 2 to April 5, 2015. 

The winners in the men’s and women’s categories in Nong Khai will directly advance to the next year’s AVC Continental Cup Finals, while teams finishing second and third places (in both categories) will next be pitted against teams finishing second and third places from the other zones in the Continental Cup Semi-finals. Only the winners and the runners-up from the Semi-finals will qualify for the AVC Continental Cup Finals.

Men's Event

Philippines def. Cambodia (2-1)
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-19 21-17]  
                Becldo Jade/Ybanez Edward (PHI) def. Sim Khlork/Lim Samat (CAM)
Game 2: (0-2) sets [21-17 21-14] 
                Phat Sopheak/Som Samith (CAM) def. Sasing Jonrey/Bonono Edmar (PHI)
Game 3: (2-1) sets [15-21 21-18 15-0]  
                Sasing Jonrey/Bonono Edmar (PHI) def. Phat Sopheak/Som Samith (CAM)
Vietnam def. Malaysia
Game 1: 

Game 2:

Indonesia def. Philippines (2-0)   
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-14, 21-18]  
                Rachmawan Ade Canda/Licardo Rendy Verdian (INA) def. Becldo Jade/Ybanez Edward (PHI)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [26-24, 21-16] 
                Ashfiya Muhamad/Fahriansyah (INA) def. Sasing Jonrey/Bonono Edmar (PHI)
Thailand def. Vietnam (2-0)
Game 1: (2-0) sets [23-21, 21-11]
               Prathip Sukto/Kittipat Yungtin (THA) def. Nguyen Trong Quoc/Nguyen Thanh Vinh (VIE)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-15, 21-17]
               Nuttanon Inkiew/Panupong Toyam (THA) def. Nguyen Ngoc Quy/Nguyen Ba Truong Dang (VIE)

Vietnam 2 - 0 Philippines
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-15, 21-18]
                Nguyen Trong Quoc/Nguyen Thanh Vinh (VIE) def. Becldo Jade/Ybanez Edward (PHI)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-17, 21-16]
                Nguyen Ngoc Quy/Nguyen Ba Truong Dang (VIE) def. Sasing Jonrey/Bonono Edmar (PHI)

Indonesia 2 - 0 Thailand
Game 1: (2-1) sets [13-21, 21-15, 15-13]
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-17, 22-20]

Photo: smmsport
Final Standing (Men)
1st - Indonesia
2nd - Thailand
3rd - Vietnam
4th - Philippines
5th - Malaysia
6th - Cambodia

Women's Event

Malaysia def. Philippines (2-0)
Game 1: (2-1) sets [ 11-21, 21-19, 15-10 ]  
                Luk Tech Kua/Low Me Cing (MAS) def. Villanueva Amanda/Maria/Soltones Gretcel (PHI)
Game 2: (2-1) sets [21-19, 21-23,  15-5]   
                Lee Geok Ting Elaine/Ariffin Nurini (MAS) def. Bea Tan/Michelle Morente (PHI)
Indonesia def. Singapore
Game 1:
Game 2: 


Indonesia def. Vietnam (2-1)
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-8, 21-18]  
                Utami Jasita and Juliana Dhita (INA) def. Ngo Vo Thanh Loan and Nguyen Vu Ngoc Lan (VIE)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [24-22, 21-11]   
                Pham Le Tuyet Ngan / Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram (VIE) def. Maria Dwiningtyas/Eka Yokebed (INA)
Game 3: (2-0) sets [21-9 21-6]
                Utami Jasita/Juliana Dhita (INA) def. Pham Le Tuyet Ngan/Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram (VIE)
Thailand def. Malaysia (2-0) 
Game 1: (2-0) sets [ 21-10, 21-16]
                Varapatsorn Radarong/Thanarattha Udomchawee (THA) def. Luk Tech Kua/Low Me Cing (MAS)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-15, 21-9]
                Rumpaipruet Numwong/Khanitta Hongpak (THA) def. Lee Geok Ting Elaine/Ariffin Nurini (MAS)

Vietnam def. Malaysia (2 - 0)
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-15, 21-12]
                Ngo Vo Thanh Loan and Nguyen Vu Ngoc Lan (VIE) def. Luk Tech Kua/Low Me Cing (MAS)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-12, 21-17]
                Pham Le Tuyet Ngan / Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram (VIE) def. Lee Geok Ting Elaine/Ariffin Nurini (MAS)


Thailand def. Indonesia (2 - 0)
Game 1: (2-0) sets [21-16, 21-16]
                Varapatsorn Radarong/Thanarattha Udomchawee (THA) def. Utami Jasita and Juliana Dhita (INA)
Game 2: (2-0) sets [21-16, 21-11]

                Rumpaipruet Numwong/Khanitta Hongpak (THA) def. Utami Jasita/Juliana Dhita (INA)

Final Standing (Women)
1st - Thailand
2nd - Indonesia
3rd - Vietnam
4th - Malaysia
5th - Philippines
6th - Singapore

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Highly paid adviser should yield better SEA Games results, says Shahidan

The Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) wants its technical adviser, who is appointed by the National Sport Council (NSC), to give full cooperation in the preparation for the Singapore SEA Games.

MAF adviser Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim cynically said the technical adviser, who is quite exorbitantly paid, must be fully made use of, to achieve a reasonable gold medal target at the Games.

“I asked the federation about the preparation for the SEA Games and they said all are with Robert J. Ballard. Then, I asked them, what is your gold medal target? Some say six, four...three.

"It is pointless to only win three gold medal even after employing Robert Ballard, when we pay (him) such a high salary. So I want Robert Ballard to work closely with the association.

“Don't distance yourself from the association just because the association had gone through some misunderstandings," he told reporters when met at the Malaysia Open Athletic Championships at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil today.

Ballard, a former Australian athletics champion, was appointed to the post with a four-year contract which ends in 2018.

Among his achievements was in turning out Indonesian sprint champion, Suryo Agung Wibowo to record the fastest time in the men's 100 metre event (10.17s) at the Laos SEA Games in 2009.

Commenting on the readiness of sending Category B athletes to Singapore, he said the decision would be made at the selection committee meeting later.

"If Datuk Karim Ibrahim (MAF president) asks me, I would say 'yes' but he has yet to ask me. I am positive towards sending category B athletes. From my experience, we can get at least one medal if we send category B (athletes).

"Provided these athletes on an average have shown good performances or achieved something close to the qualifying levels, except for some hiccups on the qualifying day," he said. – Bernama, March 29, 2015.

Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) adviser Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said the technical adviser, who is appointed by the National Sport Council (NSC), must be fully made use of to achieve a reasonable gold medal target at the Singapore SEA Games. – The Malaysian Insider pic, March 29, 2015.

Source:  The Malaysian Insider
The Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) wants its technical adviser, who is appointed by the National Sport Council (NSC), to give full cooperation in the preparation for the Singapore SEA Games. - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sports/article/shahidan-expects-better-results-from-of-highly-paid-adviser-in-sea-games#sthash.MFKnpyGn.dpuf

We'll rule the pool, says Lopez

Swimming national coach Sergio Lopez is a man in the business of numbers, from training reps, to volume, yardage to timings.

Yet, the 46-year-old Spaniard is adamant he will not set a medal target for the upcoming South-east Asia (SEA) Games in Singapore from June 5 and 16.

"I don't have a number as a KPI (key performance indicator) yet," said Lopez, who spoke to The New Paper at the Singapore Swimming Association's (SSA) office at the OCBC Aquatic Centre yesterday.

"How many gold medals did we win the last time? Eleven. If we win 10, I'll be a failure, and if we win 12,
that's a good thing."

After a long stint as Joseph Schooling's guide at Florida's Bolles School, Lopez was hired by the SSA and began work as national coach here in January.

He acknowledged that the Republic can "win many medals" if the likes of Schooling, siblings Quah Ting Wen and Zheng Wen, Amanda Lim, Tao Li and Danny Yeo perform to their potential.

Historically, Singapore have been the top nation in the pool at the biennial Games - the team's best haul was 17 golds, nine silvers and 13 bronzes at the 2011 event in Palembang, in Indonesia.

The Republic won 12 events in 1993, the last time the nation hosted the Games, with swim queen Joscelin Yeo claiming seven individual titles and two relay victories, and Ang Peng Siong ending his glittering career with a gold in the 50m freestyle.

Schooling and Co. won 11 gold, nine silver and 10 bronze medals in 2013 in Myanmar, with Thailand in second spot (7, 8, 8).


Lopez is confident they will continue to reign in the pool this year.

Comparing Singapore's best two times in each event with the respective medal-winning times at the last two Games, and taking into consideration the six relay events, the hosts could possibly set a new best haul this year.
While Lopez instructed his swimmers to race hard in both the heats and finals at the February time trials, as well as the recently concluded Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championships, the 1988 Olympic 200m breaststroke bronze medallist will use a "totally different strategy" in June.
He said: "The only thing that is important during the SEA Games is the number of medals... It is a different strategy - in the morning heats of the SEA Games in some events, they don't have to go hard (to get into the finals). Kids like Joseph or Quah (Zheng Wen), who have multiple events, if they don't have to go hard in the heats, then they shouldn't.

"If you can get into the final with a 52-second time in the heats, why swim 48 seconds?"

Lopez aims to work on mental strength, biomechanics, nutrition and team unity from now to the start of the Games.

"The pressure-cooker environment is going to be everywhere with social media these days," he said.

"We are going to be together as a team from 29th or 30th May. If we do a good job managing the swimmers and not getting them too excited, but trying to find a balance, we should be able to utilise their energy to our advantage."

How many gold medals did we win the last time? Eleven. If we win 10, I'll be a failure, and if we win 12, that's a good thing. - Swimming national coach Sergio Lopez.

This article was first published on March 25, 2015. Source: TNP / Asiaone

National Team prepares for SEA games 2015

The Cambodian Male National Team will be joining the SEA Games 2015 held this June in Singapore. The line up will be made of foreign players with Cambodian background/passport (7 from USA, 2 from Canada) and local players (3). 

The overseas players will start arriving in Phnom Penh by April and the last batch will arrive on May 25th. The team will then depart for Singapore on June 4th. Head coach Austin Koledoye said: "7 of the players have been to SEA games before, so they know the level of the competition". Competition with SEA top teams Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia will be tough for Cambodia. 

In the last SEA Games, held in 2013, Cambodia won only 1 game against host country Myanmar.  

Source: http://www.asia-basket.com 

Taekwondo Targets Two Golds in SEA Games

National team training for Taekwondo is targeting two gold and four silver medals from the class Kyorugi and Poomsae at the 28th SEA Games in Singapore in June 2015.
"We hope the next gold can be obtained from Kyorugi and gold again  in Poomsae," said coach Rahmi Kurnia of Taekwondo Indonesia in Jakarta.

In the Southeast Asia Games this time, Rahmi said the 12 athletes who will compete first honed their abilities in the country until the third week of April.

After that, they will follow the training camp and some test match in Busan, South Korea on April 19 to May 18, 2015.

"In the third week of April, the athlete was considered ready for training camp and test match because we learned from the Asian Games in Indonesia yesterday turns preparation is not enough," said the coach of the Yogyakarta Special Region.

Rahmi added that last March 10, 2015, two athletes Aghniny Haque and Reinaldy Atmanegara had the test match in the Netherlands to collect points on the selection of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.
Currently, Aghniny is ranked 13 world, while Reinaldy is ranked 35.

As for the toughest competitors that Indonesia will face is still Thailand.

Indonesian Taekwondo team will bring 12 athletes consisting of six males and six women for events in Kyorugi and Pomsae.

For men's Kyorugi, there are five athletes who will be selected into three, namely Reinaldy Atmanegara in class under 54kg, Aggie Sepfyan Prabowo at under 58kg class, Stephen Ong Ariosuseno in under 63 kg class, Argya Virangga Roring and Dinggo Ardian Prayogo in class under 68kg .

For women's Kyorugi, there are three athletes that have been defined, namely Aghniny Haque at under 46kg class, Mariska Halinda in class under 53kg and 57kg class Cinthya Annisa.

In the category of Poomsae son, there are three athletes that have been defined, namely Haidir Maulana Muhammad Muhammad Abdurrahman Fazza and Whiyu.

Meanwhile, in the category of women's Poomsae, there are five athletes who will be selected into three, namely Pearl habiba, Defia Rosmaniar, Mega Ayu Suseno, Kevita and Ruhill.

For men's inidividual with Maulana Haidir.

Athletics, Still Hoping From Old Athletes

JAKARTA - Indonesia will rely on the old faces in the SEA Games athletics in Singapore, June 5 to 162015. They will rely on Maria Natalia Londa and old faces with minimum target with what they did at the last SEA Games in Myanmar.

With 6 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze, Indonesian athletic team  is ranked third. They are under the might of the Thai athletes who bought 17 golds, 13 silvers, and 9 bronzes. Meanwhile, Vietnam athletes collected 10 golds, 11 silvers, and 12 bronzes.

Five of the six golds came from the Indonesian women athletes namely Triyaningsih in 10,000 meters, Dedeh Erawati (110 meters hurdles), Rini Budiarti (3,000 meters steeplechase), as well as two gold from Maria Natalia Londa (long jump and triple jump). As for the other gold which was obtained by Hendro in men's 20km.

Not only with two golds, Maria Natalia Londa even break the SEA Games record in the triple jump. A distance of 14.17 meters on behalf Thitima Muangjan (Thailand) with 14.16 meters.

That is why, Mary, who won a gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, will be re-counted on to fly the flag in Singapore.

According to Deputy of Development of Achievement PB PASI Paul Lay, opponents will still come from opponents she faced at the SEA Games Myanmar, both in the triple jump and long jump. One is Muangjan who has the best leap of 14.16 meters (triple jump) and 6.24 meters (long jump). In triple jump, the competition will come from two athletes Vietnam, namely Tran Hue Hoa (14.12 meters) and Vu Thi Men (13.60 meters).

Besides Maria Londa, PB PASI will still rely on another name which also won gold in Myanmar.

In addition to the senior athletes who still remains the mainstay, PB PASI continue to prepare successor for Maria and friends. The target, as Paul says, not only to defend the name of Indonesia in the SEA Games, but also to look at the Asian Games in 2018 when Indonesia hosts.

Some young athletes, who are generally aged under 25 years, are also prepared to perform in Singapore. They include Emilia Nova, Yaspi Bobby, and Yudi Dwi Nugroho (relay).

Currently, 28 athletes who compete at the SEA Games in Singapore are prepared to go in 24 events. "Until now, we still do not have athletes for throwing events" said Paul.

In athletics, the events are contested in throwing are the javelin, discus and hammer. It is omething similar to jumping events (long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault).

Zakaria toughest opponent is Jesson Ramil Cid (Philippines). "If I was able to improve the results in throwing events and the high jump, I think I would be able to compete in the SEA Games in Singapore" said Zakaria.

In running events, Indonesia will rely in 4x100 meter and 4x400 meters events. In Myanmar, the men's team composed of Yaspi, Iswandi, Fadlin and Muhammad Rozikin won the bronze medal, losing to Thailand who won gold and Singapore (silver). Similar results were obtained in women's team which was composed of Lusiana Satriani, Tri Setyo Utami, Niafatul Aini, Ni Nyoman Kerni.

Actually, the men's relay team, the recorded time per individual runners of Indonesia are better than the runners of Thailand for a distance of 100 meters. However, Thailand excel during the process of handing over the baton said coach Enny Martodihardjo.

That is why runners need more practice in baton handover. However, since athletics began their training in March 2014, only three runners who had intensive training in Jakarta. Two runners from East Java recently joined since the beginning of March 2015.

"So far, they've trained together as many as four times. However, I still believe they will be able to work together," said Enny. 

Atlet dasalomba, Yusak Refasi, melompati rintangan saat berlatih lari gawang di Stadion Madya Senayan, Jakarta, Selasa (17/3). Yusak menjadi salah satu dari 28 atlet pelatnas atletik untuk SEA Games Singapura 2015.

Source: KOMPAS.com


The 2016 AFC U-23 Championship qualification will decide the participating teams of the 2016 AFC U-23 Championship, an international youth football tournament organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). A total of 16 teams will play in the final tournament, to be hosted by Qatar.

The 2016 AFC U-23 Championship acts as qualification to the 2016 Summer Olympics men's football tournament for the AFC, with the top three teams qualifying.

March 29, 2015 Results
Group F: Myanmar 2 - 1 Hong Kong
Group G: Thailand 5 - 1 Philippines
Group G: N. Korea 4 - 1 Cambodia
Group H: Indonesia 2 - 0 Brunei
Group H: S. Korea 3 - 0 Timor Leste
Group I: Malaysia 2 - 0 Macau
Group I: Japan 2 - 0 Vietnam
Group J: China 5 - 0 Singapore
Group J: Laos 7 - 0 Mongolia

March 27, 2015 Results
Group F: Myanmar 3 - 0 Chinese Taipei
Group G: N. Korea 4 - 0 Philippines
Group G: Thailand 2 - 1 Cambodia
Group H: S. Korea 5 - 0 Brunei
Group H: Indonesia 5 - 0 Timor Leste
Group I: Malaysia 1 - 2 Vietnam
Group J: Laos 0 - 0 Singapore

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Arriola, Thomas, Stuart form powerful SEAG team

STA. CRUZ, Laguna, Philippines – Donovan Arriola and Brandon Thomas joined fellow Fil-Am Caleb Stuart in the SEA Games-bound Philippine team, winning the long jump and century dash golds, respectively, in the National Open-Invitational Athletics Championships at the Laguna Sports Complex.

Arriola, 24, rallied from third to first with a 7.59m jump in his sixth and final leap to snatch the gold from College of St. Benilde’s Julian Reem Fuentes and Team Rio’s Benigno Marayag, who were battling it out for top honors before the former University of Texas-El Paso standout found his rhythm in his last jump and spoil the local aces’ bid.

Fuentes ended up with a silver with 7.55m while Marayag took the bronze with a 7.43m jump.

“I had a hard time getting into the groove. Good thing I got into rhythm in my last jump,” said the 6-1 Arriola, who actually competed in last year’s Philippine National Games but fell short of his bid with hamstring issues.

The 24-year-old Thomas, on the other hand, bucked a hamstring pull in the final 20m and ruled the 100m dash in 10.80 seconds, edging Eddie Edwards Jr. of Sabah, Malaysia and Rodquian Maulion of Arellano University, who checked in second and third in 10.89sec and 11.03sec clocking, respectively.

Thomas, who ran for US NCAA Division I Texas State University, fell and rolled on the rubberized track after crossing the finish line.

But it was all worth the pain as Thomas made it to the SEAG-bound 4x100m relay squad alongside fellow Fil-Am Eric Cray, Brian Mercado and another runner.

“It’s what I’ve hoped for,” said Thomas, whose mother Rowena Quero is from Makati.

Like Thomas and Stuart, who swept the hammer throw and shot put golds Thursday, Arriola clinched one of the two berths in long jump in the national contingent vying in the SEA Games in Singapore this June.
Arriola offered his victory to his late sister Raquel, who passed away last year.

“This one’s for her,” he said.

Meanwhile, Marestella Torres, in her first competition since bombing out from last year’s Incheon Asian Games, took the long jump gold in 6.47m, besting University of Baguio’s Khay Santos (6.25m) and Team Rio’s Felyn Dolloso (5.49m).

“Physically, I’m okay. The only thing I lack now is confidence,” said Torres, 34, in Filipino. 

Myanmar SEAG gold medal winners Christopher Ulboc of Air Force and Archand Christian Bagsit stamped their class in their favorite events to run away with the gold medals. 

Ulboc ruled the 3,000m in 9:09.73, besting Team Rio’s Rene Herrera (9:11.91) and TMS Ship Agencies’ John Rey Moreno (9:49.21).

Bagsit, the best performing athlete in Myanmar with golds in 400m and 4x400m relay, found some stiff challenge this time but still topped the field in 47.26, besting Air Force’s Edgardo Alejan (47.28) and Ryan Bigyan (47.43).

The event is organized by the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association and Philippine Sports Commission and backed by Laguna Water, Pacific Online Scratch It KaskaSwerte, Papa John’s Pizza, Foton Philippines, PCSO, Smart, PLDT, Summit Natural Drinking Water and supported by SSS, Pagcor, Milo, Gatorade, L Time Studio and Asics Watch.

Source: PhilStar

Cebuano coach worried pink over Blu Boys

THE Philippine Blu Boys, the men’s national softball team, are still in a limbo with seven of their players from the Armed Forces of the Philippines set to take the Basic Military Training (BMT) next month, possibly ruling them out for the team’s campaign in the Southeast Asian Games (Seag) in June in Singapore.

Aside from the Seag, the team of Cebuano coach Isaac Bacarisas, also qualified for the 14th International Softball Federation (ISF) men’s Softball World Championship in Canada on June 26.

With three months left for two international events, the squad is still wondering what would happen to their roster with a bulk of the players set to take the BMT.

“I am currently weighing my options. Right now I am looking for players who can play for us if ever the BMT pushes through,” Bacarisas told Sun.Star Cebu. “Right now, there are rumors that there is an order to postpone the BMT for the athletes who are joining the Sea Games has been made.”

Bacarisas clarified that this has yet to be finalized and they have to wait for next month when the situation gets clearer.

“The allowance for the team members will be back this April, plus the roster will be finalized. I think that month, we can really start on the full training,” said Bacarisas.

Cebuanos Jerome Bacarisas of the Philippine Air Force, Jasper Cabrera of the Philippine Navy and Oscar Bradshaw IV and Ben Maravilles of the Philippine Army are part of the team.

Isaac said that he will propose an international competition as part of the team’s preparation.

“The international exposure would be an advantage, but I don’t know if this will be approved since the problem will be where to get the money for it,” he said. “The players need this international exposure because our counterparts in Southeast Asia are now training abroad; Indonesia is in Japan while the Singapore team is in New Zealand.”

Isaac said that the Philippine Sports Commission cut off their allowance last December and it will only be returned in full this April.

“The players and the team are training but it’s the same as our regular training for competitions. We will start with the regular training when things are cleared next month,” Isaac said.

Meanwhile, Isaac is going to gather Cebuano players to join the 2015 softball national men’s and women’s open on May 13 in Manila.

“Before, Cebu City and Cebu Province joined the tournament, but recently, there are no more teams from Cebu,” he said. “I am going to gather Cebuano players here to banner the Cebu team, I hope we can get sponsor for the team.”

Isaac said that the National Open is one of the biggest softball tournaments in the country and a Cebu team should join.

Source: Sun Star

Vietnam targets first ever tennis singles medal at SEA Games

HO CHI MINH CITY -- Vietnam's tennis team aims to win at least one medal from the tennis singles at the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore this June, local Vietnam News daily reported Friday.

Vietnamese tennis players have yet to win a medal in singles events, but they won three bronzes in the women's team, men's doubles and women's doubles events at the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia in 2011.

According to the Vietnam Tennis Federation (VTF), the team's goal is set upon the participation of hopeful players, including top player Ly Hoang Nam.

Nam went all the way to the finals at the International Tennis Federation (ITF)'s Group I junior tennis championships in Thailand earlier this month, and went on to win another Group I tournament in Malaysia. With those performances, Nam climbed 15 places to stand at the 34th spot in ITF's latest rankings.

Another player Nguyen Hoang Thien recorded a convincing win over a Turkish player at the on-going David Cup in Malaysia.

Besides, Trinh Linh Giang has achieved strong results at national championships in recent years, and Do Minh Quan, a former national champion, will play on the team as well.

Meanwhile, several-time national champion Huynh Phuong Dai Trang is expected to lead the women's team with Huynh Phi Khanh and Sy Boi Ngoc.

Source:  Xinhua

Myanmar Tour to expand for 2015

The Myanmar Golf Tour promised to return bigger and better in 2015 when the list of events planned for this year was announced yesterday.

 But while the number of courses and the overall prize fund for each leg of the tour has increased, amateur and ladies golfers will no longer be competing for a share of the cash.

“I expect a new generation of golfers to rise over the course of this tour,” said U Ko Ko Aye, president of the Myanmar Golf Federation, at a press conference held at Yangon’s Central Hotel.

Each leg of the professional circuit will have a total prize pot of K38,500,000, with the winner taking K3,000,000 and prize money shared among the top 20.

Last year the combined prize pot for all three competitions was less , at K24,600,000, with the top amateur securing K750,000 while the leading lady took home K500,000.

The 2015 tour is the second consecutive year for the competition after it folded in 2011 due to a lack of sponsorship support.

This year’s tour, organised by the MGF and the Myanmar Professional Golfers’ Associaton, will feature a number of courses new to the circuit, with nine events planned, up from last year’s six. Hantharwaddy Golf Club in Bago and Taunggyi’s Ayetharyar Golf Club are among the newcomers, while Bagan’s Nyaung Oo Golf Club will miss out this year.

“Myanmar’s top professionals will be on display at these tournaments,” added U Ko Ko Aye. “The opportunity for some of our best juniors to develop experience and gather knowledge from their opponents will be valuable.”

U Ko Ko Aye added that junior golfers still had time to impress before they selected their squad for June’s SEA Games.

“We will choose our athletes from this tournament and past SEA Games squads,” said the president. He added that some of the country’s juniors had been training in Australia and the United States.

Realistically, only those teeing off at the opening April 2 event at the Royal Myanmar Golf Club in Nay Pyi Taw will come in time to influence

The season will culminate back in the capital for the tour final at the

Zayar Thiri Golf Club on December 6.

Union Minister U Tint Hsan tees off at 2014’s Nay Pyi Taw competition. Photo: MGF

Source: Myanmar Times

From Open champion to SEA Games contender

Aung Kyaw Naing cruised through the final game of the Myanmar National Open to lift the silverware for the Men’s Singles on March 25, completing his victory 6-2, 6-2 over Zaw San Oo at Yangon’s Theinphyu Tennis Stadium.

In the women’s tournament Nilar Win defeated Amy Htun 6-4,6-4.

All four players will now travel to China from April 4 to 30 to join a training camp in preparation for this June’s SEA Games.

“Four men and three women players will travel to China,” said U Aung Maw Thein, president of the Myanmar Tennis Federation.

Tennis did not feature at the SEA Games in 2013, when Myanmar hosted, but the Ministry of Sport did build a tennis facility on the Wunna Theikdi complex in Nay Pyi Taw.

Tennis was last played at the Palembang 2011 Games when Indonesia dominated on home turf, sweeping the men’s events and winning the women’s singles to secure four of the seven gold medals on

Thailand won two gold in the Women’s Doubles and Team event and it is they who rank the highest as a nation in both the Men’s Davis Cup and Women’s Fed Cup.

“We will aim to bring home a bronze medal,” U Aung Maw Thein told The Myanmar Times. “But competition there will be tough.”

With that in mind, it is a Thai coach, Chalongrat Prasanphak, who Myanmar have engaged to deliver their national team training.

This year may be too early for Myanmar to consider medalling in the SEA Games tennis competition but the 143 competitors that entered the National Open also included a number of junior events at the U10, U12 and U14 age groups.

“We hope a new generation of athletes will emerge from the junior events,” said U Aung Maw Thein.
In addition to the Open Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles, the event hosted a number of senior categories at the over 35, 45, 55 and 60 level.

One notable appearance in these categories was Zaw Zaw, chair of Max Myanmar Group of Companies, competing in and winning the Men’s Doubles Over-45 tournament with his partner Aung Moe.

Now president of the Myanmar Football Federation, the tycoon who is known as a keen sportsman also once served as president of the MTF.

Zaw San Oo valiantly returning in an effort to stay in the game. Photo: Naing Wynn Htoon / The Myanmar Times

Source: Myanmar Times

Vietnam pins hope of Olympic gold on weightlifter Tuan

Vietnam is pinning its hope of securing a medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics on 21-year-old weightlifter Thach Kim Tuan, who has overcome significant hardships to become a top global competitor. 

Hailing from an underdeveloped area in the central province of Binh Thuan, his family moved to southern Ho Chi Minh City to eke out a living when Tuan was about three years old.

After his mother was killed in a traffic accident shortly after the move, his eldest sister Thach Thi Giang Huong at 16 years old had to single-handedly raise her siblings while Tuan’s father remained in their hometown. To assist his sister, Tuan dropped out of school after the sixth grade.

Things changed when, in 2006, a neighbour asked Tuan to join him in playing sports, gradually developing Tuan’s fondness for weightlifting.

Recognising his talent, coach Huynh Huu Chi sent Tuan to HCM City’s weightlifting team. After three years under the coach’s training, Tuan became a member of the national team and continually performed well at domestic and foreign tournaments.

His most memorable win was his gold medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore when he was just 16 years old.

In 2014, Tuan set two world records at the Junior World Championships in Russia’s Kazan and was honoured as the best athlete of the tournament. He also secured a silver medal at the Asian Games in the Republic of Korea along with one gold and two silver medals at the World Weightlifting Championships the same year.

The weightlifter is under intensive training as he is hoped to be the first Vietnamese gold medallist at the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Brazil.

This year, he will focus on the Southeast Asian Championships scheduled to take place in Thailand in June, the Asian Weightlifting Championships in Nepal one month later, and the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships in the US in November.

Among them, the world tournament, which is also part of the 2016 Summer Olympics qualifying rounds, will be an opportunity for Tuan to secure a place at the Games’ 56-kilogramme competition category.

Coach Chi said the “Olympic dream” will not come easily, as Tuan will have to vie against Om Yun Chol of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and a number of Chinese athletes among the world’s top weightlifters.

Chi said Tuan’s performance and his psychological competition preparedness is improving.

Besides practising weightlifting, he has also spent time studying, Chi said, adding that Tuan’s accomplishments are thanks to his strong will, patience, and passion.

As a result of such accomplishments, Tuan was recently selected as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Citizens in 2014 by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee.    

Thach Kim Tuan wins the silver medal at the 17th Asian Games in the Republic of Korea (Photo: VNA)

Source: Vietnam Plus/VietNamNet Bridge

Irfan eyes gold at SEA Games

KUALA LUMPUR: National discus champion, Muhammad Irfan Shamsuddin has vowed to defend his gold medal at the SEA Games in Singapore after setting a new national record with a throw of 58.04m at the 92nd Malaysian Open Athletics Championship yesterday.

Muhammad Irfan, 20, overcame his personal record of 54.26m which he achieved at the 17th Sukma at the Tuanku Syed Putra Stadium, Kangar, Perlis last May.

He said he did not expect to break the record despite targeting a gold medal at the three-day event at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, which started on Friday.

“I felt in good shape when I woke up this morning and I wanted to create a record but I did not expect to get a new record as such,” he told reporters.

Muhammad Irfan is targeting a throw of 60 metres at the SEA Games from June 5 to 16.

The SEA Games record is currently held by Wong Tuck Yim of Singapore, with a throw of 59.50m.

At the championship yesterday, Muhammad Irfan defeated Abdul Rahman Lee of Sarawak who won silver with a throw of 40.88m and Mohd Hafiz Hashim (ATM) who won the bronze with a throw of 40.62m.

Meanwhile, Mohd Izzuddin Yahya of Perlis won gold in the men’s 100m in a time of 10.51 seconds, despite not achieving his personal best of 10.48s which he recorded in Friday’s semi-finals.

Nixson Kennedy of Sarawak was second in 10.62s and  third was Harith Ammar Md Sobri (Terengganu) in 10.63s.

In the women’s 800m, Vietnam athletes Do Thi Thao and Vu Thi Ly won the gold and silver medals respectively, as Sarawak’s Faradillah Raznie took the bronze in 2:17.20s. 

Source: Bernama

Fil-Am Cray still has it

ERIC Cray, one of four Fil-American bets  who missed the 2015 National Open Athletics’ meet, proved that he deserves to see action in the coming Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.
The 27-year-old Cray took the gold medal in the men’s 400-meter hurdles in 50.93 seconds during the 2015 University of Texas-El Paso Springtime meet at the Kidd Field in El Paso, Texas last March 21.
He finished ahead of UTEP bet Robert Camacho, who had a 50.93-second clocking for the silver, while Kyle Robinson of South Plains, settled for the bronze in 53.05 seconds, according to results provided by the meet’s official website.
Cray’s clocking was close to the national record of 50 seconds he set in the Asian Games last year, but according to pinoyathletics.info, it was faster than the 51.29 seconds he made in winning the gold during the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.
There are four Fil-American tracksters who did not join the National Open, according to Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association secretary-general Renato Unso.
But the athletics’ body is monitoring their performances abroad to see if they can make the cut.
This includes Bryan Mercado, who came up with personal best times  in the 100m (10.56) and 200m (21.48, good for fifth) sprints during the Cal State Los Angeles Invitational on March 8.
Also under evaluation are sprinters Princess Griffey and Kayla Richardson.

Team Cycling Selected

JAKARTA - Although it is arguably too late to hold a national training camp for SEA Games in 2015, cycling successfully selects a number of athletes to enter the core team. Training with the right program makes the rider's convincing performance.

Prima Satlak selection team members Paul Pasurney in Jakarta, said the selection of cycling team was held thru individual time trial (ITT) in the southern cross Congot, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. "Athletes tried the distance of 15 kilometers for women while a distance of 30 kilometers for the men," said Paul.
Cycling racing team was formed late because of a conflict in the parent organization, PB ISSI. However, 
Paul was not worried because the team who are used to prepare filled the elite riders , including the competition along with their respective teams.
This is because most of the team members are division III team members  who have solid competition schedule. It allows the performance of athletes which is always awake to go down in the competition.
In this month, training program coach prepared in accordance with the race events in Singapore.
By the numbers of race in one day, such as ITT, criterion, and the highway, the team coach has to fill the rider with resistance training. They devoured within 700-800 miles per week. "they have formed durability. The team coach simply add power or force," said Paul.
With proper exercise program during this month, the riders reach the targeted initial velocity. The men's rider's has an average speed of 45-46 kilometers per hour. The women's team has a speed racer 38-40 kilometers per hour.
In response to number of race events, the core team will consist of a six males and two women riders. The coach will focus on training athletes to the numbers of their specialties.
Hario Tilarso, sports doctor who accompanies the selection, explain, the current riders have the better performance. "They have the physical progress and performance. Mentally, they are also very good. There is an expectation of a cycling team," said Hario. 

Febrianto, First Gold Hunt in SEA Games

JAKARTA - The fruit does not fall far from the tree. This maxim applies also to Febrianto. Initially, he had never thought or dreamed to be a water-skier. After repeated accompany and saw his father play and train water skiing, came the desire to try to finally fall in love with this sport.
Athletes born in Ambon, Maluku, this is the son of former water-skier Nasir Kadir.
"Like other children, I love playing football. It was just a hobby and looking for fun. I never thought of becoming an athlete. Since childhood, my goal became president," said Febrianto laughing.
After moving to Jakarta, he often joined his father water skiing on Lake Sunter. Incidentally Nasir is a Jakarta water ski coach. Probably because water skiing talent has been contracted from his father, Febrianto can quickly adapt and begin proficient water skiing.
He was immediately made ​​his father proud to win the national championship at child (children age 15 years). With the guidance of his father, the ability of Febrianto increasingly honed. In his career, he has been a champion in all age levels.
Looking good at the national level, Febrianto try his ability in international championships. The result is pretty good. He became champion in Malaysian Open 2011, which is then maintained in the following year.
In 2011, Febrianto actually had an ambition to defend Indonesia in 2011 SEA Games held in Palembang, South Sumatra, and Jakarta. However, he was not able to compete with the seniors. "Frankly I was a little disappointed when it could not get in the team. However, it has become a coach's decision and I have to accept and tried to get up to prove themselves," said Febrianto.
Febrianto strong desire to defend Indonesia in international sporting event finally realized last year. He was selected as one of the water-skier who was deployed in the Asian Beach Games in China.
The result is not too disappointing. Febrianto won a silver medal. From the results of the assessment, the numbers achieved only narrowly lost to the Chinese athletes. "What makes me regret is the difference between a thin figure. If only I was more calm and focused, perhaps the result could be another," said Febrianto.
Febrianto okay sorry. However, the most important result that should be a lesson and valuable experience for him to stare at another championship. Anyway opponents faced Febrianto Singapore in the SEA Games, next June, the level will be lighter. She already had a capital experience not to stumble again.