Wednesday, September 30, 2015

8th Asian Age Group Swimming Championships

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Venue: Assumption University

Date: 1st - 7th October 2015



Day 1-4 Results

2015 Asian Table Tennis Championships

Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Date: 26th September - 3rd October 2015


September 26 Results - Team Event
September 27 Results - Team Event
September 28 Results - Team Event 
September 29 Results - Team Event
September 29 Results - Double Events
September 30 Results
October 1 - Results
October 2 - Results
October 3 - Results  
Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Men's Doubles
Women's Doubles
Mixed Doubles

The tournament is dubed as SUZUKI 2015 ITTF Asian Championships with 38 participating countries. 

ISAM Target Six Gold Medals In 2017 SEA Games

PETALING JAYA, Sept 30 -- The Ice Skating Association of Malaysia (ISAM) hope to clinch six of the 10 gold medals at stake in the 29th SEA Games to be hosted by Malaysia in 2017.

"Based on the current performance of the skiers in the squad, we are confident of winning at least six of the 10 gold medals offered. We are especially in strong in figure skating and short speed track," ISAM president Mohamad Fadzli Johan told reporters in Bandar Sunway, near here Wednesday.

Mohamad Fadzli said in the 2017 SEA Games, two gold medals would be offered in figure skating and eight in short track speed skating.

He said ISAM's confidence brew from the results of the team's success in winning a gold, one silver and a bronze Skating Australia Short Track Speed Championships in Melbourne on Sept 25 and 26 through Mohamad Ariff Rasydan Mohamad Fadzli, 16, in the 1,000m, 500m and 777m events.

He said the strong challengers would be Singapore and Thailand.

Mohamad Ariff's win in Melbourne also earned him a ticket to the World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria from Jan 29 to 31.

 Source: BERNAMA/

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A clearer view of ‪#‎FIBAAsia2015‬

China must not Under Estimate Group E


September 29. China as the leader of Group F can choose their opponent as Group E matches ended this afternoon. 

China today will face Qatar on their final match in the second round preliminaries and who gets the win will get the top spot of Group F of the 2015  FIBA Asia Championship. 

As mentioned, Group E matches ended with Philippines being number 1 in the group. Followed by Iran with 3-1 card, Japan in 3rd and India as 4th ranked respectively. 

For the knock-out quarter-finals, here is the format: 
E1 vs F4 = Philippines vs F4
E2 vs F3 = Iran vs F3
F2 vs E3 = F2 vs Japan
F1 vs E4 = F1 vs India

As of now, half of the quarter-finalists are being named and seeded. And China as host can analytically or measure or choose their opponent on the knock-out quarter-finals by dropping or winning their last match against Qatar. 

If they manage to win, they will up against India and a probable semi-final match against Iran. 

If they drop their match against Qatar, they will be seeded as F2 and will play against Japan and a highly probable semi-final match against the Philippines.  

The question is "Which  way will China prefer?" Which way is easier for them?

Assuming that they can beat their opponents in the quarter-finals but which team will China prefer to play against with in the semi-finals, is it Iran or Philippines? Which is more difficult to play with?

I'm telling China, don't under estimate Group E. 

India and Japan can surprise either in the quarters. 

Quarter-final round is another story to write. Like the Palestine beating Philippines in the 1st round. And Philippines beating defending champion Iran in the second round. 

Are we going to see another upset against another giant?

- F. Tariq (MAS)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

What Might Happen in 2015 FIBA Asia?

The first day of the second round of 2015 FIBA Asia can somehow tell us what will be the ranking of Group E and Group F if we are going to base it on "win-over-the-other" format. 

In Group E, Iran can be ranked "1st" if Philippines will not level up their game performance and will not defeat them. Philippines has this kind of struggles early in their previous matches. Though they won their last three games, their game level is very different compare to the energy they brought in 2015 Jones Cup and the MVP Cup.  

Something is lacking. Maybe fatigue or over-practiced. We don't know. But team Philippines has so much to give. And we want to see it from them.

Iran is the only team that will give Philippines another hard fight. And this will happen tomorrow morning.

In Group F, no doubt that China will sweep all their games in the first and second rounds. They have the crowd, they hardly prepared for this tournament and they are looking forward for a ticket in 2016 Rio Olympics . And we also find them battling the Philippines in the semi-finals of this edition. 

Group F has better teams compare to Group E. Every team is hard to beat. 

Iran is the only heavy favorite team from Group E to reach the finals. 

But because we support Southeast Asia, we will be biased and hope that Philippines beat China in our predicted semi-final match. Other semi-final match could be Iran against South Korea. 

Again, Group F has very good teams and we find them hard to beat. And we wish Philippines to win all their following games until the finals.

- F. Tariq

Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Asian Sevens Series (Men) - Bangkok Sevens

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 26th - 27th September 2015

The 2015 men’s competition comprises of three (3) legs

The 2015 women’s series comprises two legs to be held concurrently with the men’s tournaments in China and Sri Lanka.


Men’s Saturday pool fixtures (September 26)

Match Time Home Score Away Pool
M1 12:30 Kazakhstan 14-9 Singapore A
M2 12:52 Hong Kong 34-0 Taiwan B
M3 13:14 Philippines 7-12 UAE C
M4 13:36 Malaysia 21-15 Thailand D
M5 15:00 Japan 33-5 Singapore A
M6 15:22 Sri Lanka 36-0 Taiwan B
M7 15:44 South Korea 33-10 UAE C
M8 16:06 China 31-5 Thailand D
M9 17:30 Japan 54-0 Kazakhstan A
M10 17:52 Sri Lanka 14-33 Hong Kong B
M11 18:14 South Korea 42-7 Philippines C
M12 18:36 China 42-5 Malaysia D

Men’s Sunday knockout fixtures (September 27)

Match Time Home Score Away Stage
M13 10:00 Hong Kong 33-0 Malaysia Cup QF1
M14 10:22 Japan 39-0 UAE Cup QF2
M15 10:44 Sri Lanka 14-7 China Cup QF3
M16 11:06 Singapore 0-17 South Korea Cup QF4
M17 11:28 Kazakhstan 12-21 Philippines Bowl SF1
M18 11:50 Taiwan 7-17 Thailand Bowl SF2
M19 13:00 Malaysia 14-27 UAE Plate SF1
M20 13:22 China 26-7 Singapore Plate SF2
M21 13:44 Hong Kong 19-24 Japan Cup SF1
M22 14:06 Sri Lanka 0-27 South Korea Cup SF2
M23 15:30 Kazakhstan 15-12 Taiwan 11th/12th
M24 15:52 Philippines 19-24 Thailand Bowl final
M25 16:14 Malaysia 19-21 Singapore 7th/8th
M26 16:36 UAE 5-26 China Plate final
M27 16:58 Hong Kong 33-7 Sri Lanka 3rd/4th
M28 17:20 Japan 45-7 South Korea Cup final

Friday, September 25, 2015

Dafabet World Cup of Pool 2015

Location: London, UK

Venue: York Hall

Date: 22nd - 27th September 2015

Four Southeast Asian countries are competing at the Dafabet World Cup of Pool 2015. These are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.


Round 1 - Race to 7
September 22
Korea 7-6 Malaysia
Romania 7-4 China
France 7-6 Canada
Germany 3-7 Indonesia
England A 7-5 Australia
Austria 7-5 Peru
September 23
Poland 7-3 New Zealand
Taiwan 7-5 Estonia
Japan 7-3 Italy
USA 5-7 Qatar
Holland 7-3 India
Philippines 7-4 Russia
September 24
Spain 3-7 Czech Republic
Finland 7-4 Belgium
Greece 5-7 Singapore
England B 7-4 Sweden

Second Round - Race to 7

September 24
Holland 6-7 Japan
England A 7-0 Korea

September 25
Austria 7-2 France
Romania 7-5 Indonesia
Poland 3-7 Chinese Taipei
Czech Republic 3-7 Qatar
Singapore 4-7 Finland
England B 7-4 Philippines
September 26
Quarter-Final 1: England A 9-3 Romania
Quarter-Final 2: Austria 5-9 Chinese Taipei
Quarter-Final 3: Japan 9-4 Qatar
Quarter-Final 4: Finland 4-9 England B

September 27
Semi-Final 1: England A 6-9 Chinese Taipei
Semi-Final 2: Japan 7-9 England B

World Cup of Pool Final Match
September 27
Final: Chinese Taipei 10-8 England B

  1. England A, Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes
  2. Philippines, Carlo Biado & Warren Kiamco
  3. Holland, Niels Feijen & Nick van den Berg
  4. Chinese Taipei, Ko Pin Yi & Chang Yu Lung
  5. Austria, Albin Ouschan & Mario He
  6. USA, Shane Van Boening & Mike Dechaine
  7. Greece, Nikos Ekonomopoulos & Alexander Kazakis
  8. China, Li Hewen & Liu Haitao
  9. Germany, Ralf Souquet & Thorsten Hohmann
  10. Finland, Mika Immonen & Petri Makkonen
  11. Spain, Francisco Diaz-Pizarro & Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
  12. Canada, Jason Klatt & John Morra
  13. Poland, Mateusz Sniegocki & Wojciech Szewczyk
  14. Japan, Naoyuki Oi & Toru Kuribayashi
  15. England B, Mark Gray & Daryl Peach
  16. Korea, Jeong Young Hwa & Ryu Seung Wu
  17. Malaysia, Ibrahim Bin Amir & AN Other
  18. Sweden, Marcus Chamat & Christian Sparrenloev-Fischer
  19. Italy, Danieli Corrieri & Antonio Benvenuto
  20. New Zealand, Matt Edwards & Nick Pera
  21. France, Stephan Cohen & Alex Montpellier
  22. Czech Republic, Roman Hybler & Michal Gavenciak
  23. Belgium, Serge Das & Olivier Mortier
  24. Indonesia, Muhammad Simanjuntak & Irsal Nasution
  25. Romania, Babken Melkonyan & Ioan Ladanyi
  26. Singapore, Aloysius Yapp & Chan Keng Kwang
  27. Qatar, Waleed Majid & Bashar Hussain
  28. Peru, Cristopher Tevez & Manuel Chau
  29. Estonia, Dennis Grabe & Erki Erm
  30. India, Raj Hundal & Amar Kang
  31. Russia, Ruslan Chinakhov & Konstantin Stepanov
  32. Australia, Robby Foldvari & Chris Calabrese

Thursday, September 24, 2015

5th Asian Beach Games

I.   About ABG5
II.  Sports
III. Medal Tally of Southeast Asian Nations
IV. Results of SEA Nations
V. Official Mascot

I. About
The 5th Asian Beach Games is to be held in Da Nang, Vietnam from September 24 to October 3. 

The biennial meet will see 14 sports, 22 disciplines and 172 events.

Southeast Asian teams that will compete against the best of Asia are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and host Vietnam.
II. Sports
  • 3x3 Basketball (2)
  • Aquatic Sports (5)
  • Beach Athletics (14)
  • Beach Bodybuilding (7)
  • Beach Handball (2)
  • Beach Kabaddi (2)
  • Beach Petanque (18)
  • Beach Sepak Takraw (6)
  • Beach Shuttlecock (7)
  • Beach Soccer (1)
  • Beach Woodball (11)
  • Beach Volleyball (2)
  • Beach Rowing (6)
  • Beach Martial Arts (62)

Beach Martial Arts at the 5th Asian Beach Games is composed of the following disciplines:
  • Ju-Jitsu (18)
  • Kurash (10)
  • Muay (16)
  • Sambo (8)
  • Vietnamese Martial Arts (11)
  • Vovinam (9)
  • Wrestling (8)

III. Medal Tally of Southeast Asian (SEA) Nations

IV. Results of SEA Nations


V. Official Mascot

4th Southeast Asian Handball Championship 2015

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Venue: Tan Binh Sports Centre

Date: 23rd - 27th September 2015

Schedules & Results

Women's Event
September 23
Vietnam 24-24 Hong Kong
Thailand 27-14 Singapore
September 24
Thailand 49-11 Indonesia
Singapore 15-28 Hong Kong
(Photo: SGGP)
September 25
Singapore 6-32 Vietnam
Hong Kong 43-12 Indonesia
September 26
Indonesia 8-23 Singapore
Vietnam 35-28 Thailand
September 27
Hong Kong def. Thailand
Indonesia 69-26 Vietnam

Women's Medalists
Gold - Vietnam ; Silver - Hong Kong ; Bronze - Thailand

Men's Event
September 23: Vietnam 48-16 Indonesia
September 24: Thailand 35-24 Singapore
September 25: Singapore 25-37 Vietnam
September 25: Thailand 62-22 Indonesia
September 26: Indonesia 29-50 Singapore
September 27: Vietnam 37-36 Thailand
Men's Medalists

Gold - Vietnam ; Silver - Thailand ; Bronze - Singapore


Singapore men’s and women’s national handball teams [PHOTO via]

Hanoi promotes 2016 Asian Beach Games

The General Department of Sports and Physical Training, Vietnam Sports Newspaper on August 31st co-opened a kiosk in Hanoi to promote the 2016 Asian Beach Games (ABG5) which will be held in the central city of Da Nang in September next year.

The kiosk briefly introduces the history and development of ABG.

It will be the second time for Vietnam to host an Asia level multi-sports event, after Hanoi held Asian Indoor Games (2009) and Southeast Asian Games (2003). However, it will be the first time that the event won't be held in Hanoi.

The event in Vietnam is scheduled to open at 20h00 on September 24th, 2016, and wrap up on October 3rd, 2016.

Under the slogan “Shining Ocean, Shining Future”, around 5,000 athletes from 45 Asian nations/territories are expected to compete in 14 sports in the fifth edition of the Asian Beach Games.

ABG5 is consisted of 14 events, including aquatics sports (marathon swimming (5 & 10 km), beach water polo), beach kabaddi, beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach handball, 3x3 basketball, beach sepaktakraw, beach martial arts (wrestling- sambo- Jujitsu kurash; Pencaksilat-Vovinam- Muay Thai- Combat in Vietnam traditional martial art), beach shuttlecock, beach petanque, beach bodybuilding, beach woodball, coastal rowing, and beach athletic.

The first ever biannual ABG was held in Bali (Indonesia) in 2008.

The last event, held in Phuket, Thailand in 2014, was largely hailed as a huge success. Vietnamese athletes managed a fifth-placed finish on the medal table at the 2014 competition as they secured eight gold, 12 silver and 20 bronze medals./.


2016 AFC U-19 Championship Qualification

AFC U19 Qualier
Here are the schedules and results for SEA nations at the 2016 AFC U-19 Championship qualification tournament. Cambodia is the only Southeast Asian country did not participate while Indonesia has FIFA suspension.

Group G - Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon

RankTeams Played-Win- Draw   Lost Goals ForG.AgainstGoal DiffPoints
4Hong Kong41127524

28 September 2015
Hong Kong 1-3 Vietnam 
Timor-Leste 4-0 Brunei 

30 September 2015
Timor-Leste 0-0 Hong Kong
Brunei 0-4 Myanmar

2 October 2015
Vietnam 5-0 Brunei
Myanmar 0-0 Timor-Leste

4 October 2015
Vietnam 2-1 Timor-Leste
Hong Kong 1-2 Myanmar

6 October 2015
Brunei 0-5 Hong Kong
Myanmar 0-1 Vietnam

Group H - Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok

RankTeams  Played    Win     Draw    LostGoals ForG.AgainstGoal Diff.Points
1South Korea44002642212
4Chinese Taipei 4112131214
5Northern Mariana4004038-380

28 September 2015
Singapore 2 - 6 South Korea
Northern Mariana 0 - 10 Chinese Taipei

30 September 2015
Northern Mariana 0-10 Singapore
Chinese Taipei 0-3 Thailand

2 October 2015
South Korea 7-1 Chinese Taipei

Thailand 7-0 Northern Mariana 

4 October 2015
South Korea 11-0 Northern Mariana
Singapore 0-3 Thailand

6 October 2015
Chinese Taipei 2-2 Singapore
Thailand 1-2 South Korea

Group I - Huai’an Sports Centre Stadium, Huai'an

RankTeams   Played    Win   Draw   LostGoals ForG. AgainstGoal Diff.Points
1China PR (H)3300160169
2North Korea32017346
4Macau 3003117-160

2 October 2015
North Korea 6-0 Macau
China PR 6-0 Malaysia

4 October 2015
Malaysia 0-1 North Korea
Macau 0-7 China PR

6 October 2015
Malaysia 4-1 Macau
North Korea 0-3 China PR

Group J - Laos National Stadium, Vientiane

Rank   Teams     Played       Win    Draw     LostGoals ForG.AgainstGoal Diff.Points
3Laos (H)310225-33
4Philippines 3003114-130

2 October 2015
Australia 6-0 Philippines
Japan 2-0 Laos

4 October 2015
Philippines v Japan
Laos 0-2 Australia

6 October 2015
Japan 3-0 Australia
Philippines 1-2 Laos