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AFC U-16 Women's Championship 2017 Qualifiers

Results Update for Southeast Asia Teams

September 5 Result
Group A: Thailand 2-0 Myanmar
Group B: Philippines 5-0 Malaysia
Group C: Singapore 1-2 Kyrgyzstan 

September 3 Result
Group A: Laos 14-1 Guam   (Report)
Group A: Myanmar 4-2 Jordan   (Report)
Group B: Philippines 0-7 S. Korea   (Report)
Group D: Vietnam 5-0 Hong Kong   (Report)
September 1 Result
Group B: Malaysia 1-5 India   (Report)
August 31 Results
Group A: Laos 2-0 Jordan   (Report)
Group A: Thailand 4-0 Guam   (Report)
Group C: Singapore 0-9 Chinese Taipei   (Report)
August 30 Results
Group B: Philippines 13-0 N. Marianas   (Report)
Group B: Malaysia 0-13 S. Korea   (Report)
August 29 Results
Group A: Myanmar 11-0 Guam   (Report)
Group A: Thailand 5-2 Laos   (Report)
Group C: Singapore 0-5 Bangladesh   (Report)
Group D: Vietnam 9-0 Palestine   (Report)
August 28
Group B: Philippines 2-0 India   (Report)
Group B: Malaysia 2-1 N. Marianas  (Report)
August 27 Results
Group A: Myanmar 2-5 Laos   (Report)
Group A: Thailand 2-1 Jordan   (Report)
Group C: Singapore 2-2 UAE   (Report)
Group D: Vietnam 3-0 Iraq   (Report)
August 25
Group D: Vietnam 2-1 Uzbekistan   (Report)

17th Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship 2016

Location: Biñan City, Laguna

Date: 3rd - 11th September 2016

Southeast Asian Nation competing at this tourney.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines (Host), Thailand & Vietnam

Participating Teams:
Pool A: Philippines (Foton), Hong Kong (Kwai Tsing) and Vietnam (Thongtin LVP Bank)
Pool B: N. Korea (4.25 Sports Club), Iran (Sarmayeh Bank) and Thailand (Bangkok Glass VC)
Pool C: Indonesia (Jakarta Elektrik PLN), Kazakhstan (Altay VC) and Japan (NEC Red Rockets)
Pool D: Chinese Taipei (T.Grand), Malaysia and China (Ba’yi Shenzhen)

Preliminary / Group Results

Second Round

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals



Hockey to deliver four golds in 2017 SEA Games

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) have promised to deliver all four hockey gold medals at stake in next year’s SEA Games, which will be held here.

MHC president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal made this commitment after the annual general meeting on Saturday.

The four golds are from the men and women’s field and indoor events.

“We (The MHC) promise that we will deliver all four medal at stake – field and indoor for the men and women – at the SEA Games next year,” vowed Subahan.

“We have set up a task force to ensure that we have well-prepared teams so that we can keep our promise.”
The task force will be headed by MHC technical director Terry Walsh.

“Terry will draw up the programme and decide on who takes charge of the teams for the SEA Games. We have to start work immediately ... I want the task force to ensure that every possible step is taken to ensure we are winners in 2017,” said Subahan.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/sport/hockey/2016/08/13/hockey-to-deliver-four-golds-in-sea-games-2017/

Taekwondo’s magnificent ten eyeing 2017 SEA Games

Some of the selected athletes with Tan (second left) upon their arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
KUCHING: Following their good performance in the recently concluded Sukma XVIII and various national tournaments, 10 Sarawak Taekwondo Association (WTF) exponents have been called up for training and selection to the national team.

They are Monica Sharma, Rebecca John Nedek, Audrey Nu Alexander Mula, Caren Li Ying Ning, Nurul Nur Hafizza, Tan Yen Ming, Mohd Amirul Juwanda for kyorugi and Augustine Rudy, Nurul Hidayah Abdul Karim and Marylyne Bungan Lian for poomsae.

They have flown to Kuala Lumpur to attend the national training camp and selection for next year’s SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur.

The team was accompanied by state technical chairman-cum-chief instructor Tan Check Joon.

Monica was the Sukma finweight champion while Rebecca had displayed her talent since she joined the state squad last year.

Audrey was gold medallist as well as best female athlete in Sukma XVIII taekwondo competition while Caren Li was Sukma silver medallist and gold medallist at last week’s 7th TM-NSC-Milo National Remaja Championship in Kuala Lumpur.

Nur Hafizza won the heavyweight title at the recent Sukma.

Yen Ming, the heavyweight champion and best male athlete in Sukma XVIII, also captured gold medals in various national and international competitions last year while Sukma silver medallist Amirul have won several national sparring titles since 2012.

Augustine and Nurul Hidayah won Sarawak’s first gold medal Sukma XVIII in the mixed pair category while Marylyne was the individual female gold medalist.

“I am glad with our team overall performance, they had showed a good fighting spirit, proving that their hard work in training and our coaches effort had been worthwhile.

“I am confident both our male and female potential will deliver in the forthcoming SEA Games,” said Sarawak Taekwondo Association president Mohamad Salleh Sani.

“I hope they will spur the rest of the junior athletes to train harder and be eligible to represent the state and nation in the very near future,” he added.

Source: The Borneo Post / http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/08/30/taekwondos-magnificent-ten-eyeing-2017-sea-games/

Monday, August 29, 2016

KBZ Bank U19 Cup 2016

Location: Mandalar Thiri Stadium,
               Mandalay, Myanmar

Date: 22nd - 28th August 2016


August 22
Myanmar-U19 1-4 Japan (J-League Sapporo U-18)
Vietnam-U19 1-0 Thailand-U19     Video Link
August 24
Vietnam 1-1 Myanmar
Thailand 3-1 Japan (J-League Sapporo U-18)
August 26
Myanmar 1-0 Thailand    Video Link
Vietnam 1-1 Japan (J-League Sapporo U-18)   Video Link

August 28
3rd Place: Thailand 8-7 Myanmar
Finals: Vietnam 0-0 [pen. 5-3] Japan (J-League Sapporo U-18)     Video Link

11th BFA U18 Baseball Championship 2016

Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Date: 30th August - 4th September
Southeast Asian nations competing: Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand

Schedules & Results (Complete Schedules)

Group A
August 30: Japan 19-0 Hong Kong
August 30: Chinese Taipei 20-0 Indonesia (Report)
August 31: Indonesia 1-11 Hong Kong
August 31: Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
September 1: Japan 35-0 Indonesia
September 1: Hong Kong 0-20 Chinese Taipei

Group B
August 30: South Korea 14-0 Philippines  (Report)
August 30: China 11-0 Thailand (Report)
August 31: China 1-3 South Korea
August 31: Philippines 13-4 Thailand  (Report)
September 1: Philippines 0-8 China
September 1: Thailand vs South Korea

Semi Finals (September 2)
September 2: Hong Kong 10-7 Thailand
September 2: Philippines 21-2 Indonesia
September 2: Japan vs China
September 2: Korea vs Chinese Taipei

September 3: Hong Kong 7-5 Philippines  (Report)
September 3: Indonesia 2-11 Thailand   (Report)
September 3: Korea 1-3 Japan
September 3: China 3-6 Chinese Taipei
3rd - 4th: China 0-14 Korea
1st - 2nd: Japan 1-0 Chinese Taipei

Final Rank
1st- Japan; 2nd - Chinese Taipei;  3rd - Korea; 4th - China
5th - Hong Kong; 6th - Philippines; 7th - Thailand; 8th - Indonesia  


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Good luck to our Southeast Asian teams 
(Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand) 
competing at the XI BFA U18 Baseball Championship in Taichung, Taiwan. 
Baseball is a 2020 Olympics sport.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016 SEAG Zone Artistic Junior & Age Groups Championships

Venue: Quan Ngua Sports Palace, Hanoi, Vietnam
Date: 23rd - 28th August 2016
Participants SEA Nations (# of Gymnasts):
Malaysia (8), Philippines (6), Singapore (16) and Vietnam (57)

Vietnam captured 39 gold, 19 silver and 18 bronze medals after three days of competition.Singapore came second with three gold, two silver and 22 bronze medals, while Malaysia was at third place with one gold, three silver and seven bronze medals.

Men's Team
Gold - Vietnam (310.700 pts)
Nguyễn Việt Hoàng, Nguyễn Văn Đạt, Trần Đình Vương, Văn Vĩ Lương, Trịnh Hải Khang and Đỗ Nam Anh
Silver - Malaysia (282.350 pts)
Teoh Chuen Loong, Low Jun Hao, Teoh Chuen Feng, Anuar Mustafa M. Ammar and Zulfa Luqman Al-Hafiz
Bronze - Singapore (207.950 pts)
Yeo Sean, Forest Lightman Lincoln and Sim Robin 
Men's All-Around
Gold - Trần Đình Vương (Vietnam) 79.750pts
Silver - Văn Vĩ Lương (Vietnam) 79.550pts
Bronze - Teoh Chuen Loong (Malaysia) 71.800pts
Women's Team
Gold - Vietnam
Silver - Malaysia
Bronze - Not Awarded (Only two teams participated)
Women's All-Around
Gold - Nguyen Tienna Katelyn (Vietnam) 47.050pts
Silver - Đỗ Thị Ngọc Hương (Vietnam) 46.350pts
Bronze - Lim Zhi Fei (Malaysia) 42.700pts

 Detailed Results

Photo courtesy of AGU

Photo via VietNamNet Online Newspaper

Photo via FB Page of Singapore Gymnastics

Friday, August 26, 2016

Before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, these are the big events you must know: 
(No reason not to prepare)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2016 Beach Soccer - Continental Tournament

Location: Ordos, China | Date: 23rd - 24th August 2016

Only Thailand and Vietnam from Southeast Asia participate in this tournament.

23rd August
Quarter Finals 1: Oman 2-1 Lebanon
Quarter Finals 1: Japan 12-4 Thailand
Quarter Finals 1: Iran 10-1 Bahrain
Quarter Finals 1: China 2-5 Vietnam
24th August
5th Place Play-Off: Bahrain 2-3 Thailand
5th Place Play-Off: China 2 - 2 (3 - 1) Lebanon
Semi Finals 1: Iran 5-1 Japan
Semi Finals 1: Vietnam 3-7 Oman
25th August
7th Place Play-Off: Lebanon 3-4 Bahrain
5th Place Play-Off: Thailand 5-1 China
3rd Place Play-Off: Vietnam 4-8 Japan
Finals: Iran 6-3 Oman
Final Standing
1st- Iran; 2nd - Oman; 3rd -Japan; 4th - Vietnam;
5th - Thailand; 6th - China; 7th - Bahrain; 8th - Lebanon

Vietnam at the 5th Asian Beach Games 2016


No. of Athletes: 310 Athletes

Beach Athletics (28), Beach Body Building (11), Beach Soccer (19), Beach Volleyball (8), Beach Handball (20), Ju-Jitsu (28),  Beach Kabaddi (6), Kurash (20), Marathon Swimming (6), Muay (15), Petanque (18), Pencak Silat (17), Beach Rowing (), Sambo (16), Beach Shuttlecock (12), Sepak Takraw (24), Traditional Martial Arts (22), Vovinam (14) and Beach Woodball (15)  

Medals: 4 Golds - 4 Silvers - 13 Bronzes


Timor Leste at the 5th Asian Beach Games 2016


No. of Athletes: Four (4)

Sports: Beach Volleyball

Medals: 0 Gold - 0 Silver - 0 Bronze

Athletes: (via ABG Official website)

Thailand at the 5th Asian Beach Games 2016


No. of Athletes: 279 Athletes

Beach Athletics (36), 3x3 Basketball (8), Beach Body Building (7),Beach Soccer (10), Beach Volleyball (8), Beach Handball (20), Ju-Jitsu (21),  Beach Kabaddi (12), Kurash (12), Marathon Swimming (8), Muay (12), Petanque (18), Pencak Silat (15), Beach Rowing (20), Sambo (16), Beach Shuttlecock (12), Sepak Takraw (24) and Beach Woodball (20)

Medals: 3 Golds - 3 Silvers - 4 Bronzes


Singapore at the 5th Asian Beach Games 2016


No. of Athletes: Twenty-Eight (28) Athletes

Muay, Beach Petanque, Pencak Silat, Beach Rowing and Beach Wrestling

Medals: 2 Gold - 3 Silver -7 Bronze medals

Medalists  (via ABG Official website)

Athletes (via ABG Official website)

Philippines at the 5th Asian Beach Games 2016


Chef-de-mission: Karen Caballero

No. of Athletes: Sixty-Five (65) Athletes

Marathon swimming, Beach Volleyball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Sepak Takraw, Wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, Kurash, Pencak Silat, Muay Thai, Beach Rowing and Beach Athletics

Medals: 2 Gold - 4 Silver - 15 Bronze medals

Medalists: (via ABG Official website)

Athletes (via ABG Official website)