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Facts & Figures by Southeast Asian Olympians at the 2016 Rio Olympics

At the 31st Summer Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, exactly 200 athletes from Southeast Asia competed in 18 sports. This number is 39 more or 24.22% of the 2012 London Olympics athletes-participation by Southeast Asian (SEA) Nations. Laos with the highest percentage increase of 100% has six athletes followed by Timor Leste with fifty percent (50%) participation increase. But these percentage-increase of Team Laos and Timor Leste did not matter much in Rio. 

It was Thailand who produced more athletes for 2016 Riio Olympics. From Thirty-Seven (37) athletes in London Olympics to Fifty-Four (54) athletes in Rio Olympics, this increase of seventeen (17) athletes is equivalent to 45.95% participation-increase compared to their 2012 Olympic participation. 

Also, Thailand has the most number of athletes who participated in Rio Olympics. They are followed by Malaysia with 32 athletes. On third place is Indonesia with 28 athletes, on 4th is Singapore with 25 athletes, 5th is Vietnam with 23 athletes, on 6th place is Philippines with 13 athletes followed Myanmar with 7 athletes. Tied on 8th place with six (6) athletes are Cambodia and Laos while Brunei and Timor Leste shared the last place with three (3) athletes. 

Over-all, Southeast Asia improved their participation according to the number of athletes at the 31st Summer Olympics in Brazil.
Trivia: The two oldest Olympians from Southeast Asia are Nary Ly of Cambodia (Women's Marathon) and Danny Chia of Malaysia (Men's Golf). Both were born on 1972. While the youngest Olympians from Southeast Asia are Siri Arun Budcharern of Laos (Women's Swimming) and Thint Myat of Myanmar (Men's Swimming). Both were born on 2002.  

At the 2012 London Olympics, the Southeast Asian nations only produced ten (10) Olympic medals - Four (4) Silver medals and Six (6) Bronze medals. 

At the 2012 edition, Thailand produced the highest number of medals among SEA Nations with two silvers and two bronze medals. They were followed by Indonesia and Malaysia with 1 silver and 1 bronze medals each. While Singapore delivered two bronze medals.
These medals came from the sports of Badminton (1), Boxing (1), Diving (2), Table Tennis (2), Taekwondo (1) and Weightlifting (3).

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, a total of eighteen (18) Olympic medals were won by SEA Nations. Thailand remains the highest producer of Olympic medals for this edition. Thailand has six - four came from Weightlifting and two came from Taekwondo.

Malaysia is behind Thailand with five (5) medals. Indonesia with three (3), Vietnam with two (2) and Singapore & Philippines with one.

Malaysia outdistance Philippines in the total number of Olympic medals after the Rio Olympics. Malaysia has eleven (11) Olympic medals while Philippines has ten. But before the Rio Olympics, Malaysia has only 6 medals while Philippines has nine (9).

Catching up for the most number of Olympic medals (All-time medal count) is Vietnam with four. Singapore not so far with five. While Thailand and Indonesia have both 30 Olympic medals.

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Nations delivered 18 medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. And did you know what sport produced the most medal? 

Weightlifting contributed the most number of medals for SEA Nations. Weightlifting produced 7 Olympic medals - 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze medals. Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were those who captured medals in this discipline.

Badminton is second with four (4) Olympic medals. Indonesia which is expected to win many medals in this sport only produced a lone gold medal. Thailand which is also expected to win medal was not a able to reach the podium. And to complete the remaining medals is Malaysia who collected three (3) medals, all of which are Silvers.

The third sport with the highest number of medals collected by SEA Nations are Shooting and Taekwondo. 

For Shooting, Vietnam is the only country from SEA that won medals. Xuan Vinh Hoang collected 1 Gold and a Silver medal making him the Olympian from SEA with more than one medal. 

For Taekwondo, Thailand appeared to be the best nation from Southeast Asia to snatched two Olympic medals.
And with one Olympic medal collected - Cycling, Diving and Swimming.

The 2016 Southeast Asian Olympic campaign is a success in terms of the number of medals won and the increase of number in sports by SEA nations.

Compared to the 2012 edition, SEA nations collected only ten (10) medals in six (6) sports. And without Olympic Gold medal. 

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For the 2016, SEA nations collected eighteen (18) medals in seven (7) sports and with five (5) Gold medals.
More medals will be expected to be won by our ASEAN athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as new sports will be featured in that edition of Summer Olympics. And we wish another good and successful Olympic campaign for our Southeast Asian (SEA) nations. 

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