Saturday, October 22, 2016

IWF Youth World Championships 2016

The IWF Youth World Championships was held in Penang, Malaysia from October 20 to 25. And below are the results of Southeast Asian weightlifters at this world championships. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, most medals of Southeast Asian came from the sport of Weightlifting. And with this tournament, this could be the start of our future Olympians in the sport of weightlifting . 

Photos via IWF FB Page (also used in  our FB Page)

VINATASARI Nur of Indonesia (Silver in Women's 44kg)

KHAMBAO Surodchana of Thailand - Women's 53kg (3rd Place Over All)

Men's 50kg Winners (Vietnam & Thailand)
Men's 50kg - Clean & Jerk Winners
Men's 50kg - Snatch winners

SONKAEW Rodsukon of Thailand - 3rd Over-all in Women's 63kg

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