Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OCBC Cycle Southeast Asia Speedway Championship 2016

The OCBC Cycle Southeast Asia Speedway Championship 2016 concluded last October 1 in Singapore. The event was a 10-lap 1km looped course race among Southeast Asian riders. The first two cyclists cover the first five laps, while the next pair cover the remaining five laps.

Powerhouse Malaysia retain the title with a time of 18:05.283s. Second went to Team Brunei with a time of 20:07.523 and the Philippines took the third place with a time of 20:17.583. 

Myanmar and Cambodia also participated in this event. Host Singapore, as reported, did not advance in the finals.

The first place was awarded $6,000. The second placer and third placer were given $4,000 and $2,000 respectively.

Team Malaysia (Photo via OCBC Cycle

Brunei Team members: Azmi Abdul Hadzid, Abdul Hadrie Morsidi, Muhammad Rafiuddin Zikara, Andrew Mikha Sianong and Abdul Mu’iz Yuzaini 

Philippines Team members: Jan Paul Morales, George Oconer, Alab Adviento and Bhong Soriano

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