Tuesday, November 29, 2016

15th AKF Cadet, Junior and U-21 Championships 2016

The 15th AKF Cadet, Junior and U-21 Championships 2016 was held in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia from 21st - 27th November 2016. Our Southeast Asian karatekas proved that they are one of the best karatekas in Asia. Host Indonesia finished third over-all with Two (2) Golds, Seven (7) Silvers and Twelve (12) bronze medals. Vietnam ranked fifth (5th) over-all with two (2) golds, two (2) silvers and three (3) bronze medals. Malaysia on the other hand placed sixth with one (1) gold, six (6) silver and two (2) bronze medals and Thailand placing 8th with 1 gold, 1 silver and two (2) bronze medals.

Karate has been added to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 

Below are the successful athletes from Southeast Asia in this tournament.

Cadet Kata Female
Silver - Cherlene Cheung Xue Lin (Malaysia)

Cadet Kata Male
Bronze - IVAN_FAIRUZ TAHER Ivan Fairuz Taher (Indonesia)

Cadet Kumite Female -47 kg
Bronze - Marzella Sekar Damayanti (Indonesia)

Cadet Kumite Female -54 kg
Silver - Nguyen Anh Nguyet (Vietnam)

Cadet Kumite Female 54+ kg
Silver -Ni Made Yuli Kristina (Indonesia)

Cadet Kumite Male -52 kg
Bronze - Muhammad Arsyal (Indonesia)

Cadet Kumite Male -57 kg
Bronze - Barigh Alfat Aziz (Indonesia)

Cadet Kumite Male -70 kg
Gold - Nguyen Thanh Truong (Vietnam)

Cadet Kumite Male 70+ kg
Bronze - Muhammad Besnuh Billy Bilmona (Indonesia)

Photo via WKF
Junior Kata Female
Bronze - Le Thi Khanh Ly (Vietnam)
Bronze - Ariana Lim Junyi (Malaysia)

Junior Kata Male
Silver - Ooi San Hong (Malaysia)
Bronze - Detrina Sabda Nugraha (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Female -48 kg
Silver - Dwi Fadhilah (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Female -59 kg
Gold - Tangleing Neeranuch (Thailand)
Silver - Puspita Meidiana Indah (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Female 59+ kg
Bronze - Ceyco Georgia Zefanya (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Male -55 kg
Gold - Shanmugan Khavinraj (Malaysia)
Bronze - Sukyik Pikanet (Thailand)

Junior Kumite Male -61 kg
Silver - Muhammad Fahreza Yudiana (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Male -68 kg
Silver - Faqih Karomi (Indonesia)

Junior Kumite Male -76 kg
Silver - Selvakumar Daneshkumar (Malaysia)

Junior Kumite Male 76+ kg
Silver - Daniel Daniel (Indonesia)

Kata Team Cadet and Junior Female
Gold - Indonesia
          (Krisda Putri Aprilia, Nadya Baharuddin & Nur Rizka Fauziah)
Silver - Malaysia
          (Ariana Lim Junyi, Cherlene Cheung Xue Lin & Robless Mabel Theodora)
Bronze - Vietnam
          (Le Thi Khanh Ly, Luu Thi Thu Uyen & Nguyen Thi Phuong)

Kata Team Cadet and Junior Male
Gold - Indonesia
          (Eric Samuel, Irfan Fahsya & Ivan Fairuz Taher)
Silver - Malaysia
          (Ernie Tye Chun Chuen, Ooi San Hong & Yong Kojiro)

Photo via WKF
U21 Kata Female
Silver - Tararattanakul Monsicha (Thailand)
Bronze - Ni Made Suci Astuti (Indonesia)

U21 Kata Male
Silver - Ahmad Zigi Zaresta (Indonesia)
Bronze - Oh Theng Wei Ivan  (Malaysia)

U21 Kumite Female -50 kg
Silver - Chandran Shamalarani (Malaysia)
Bronze - Tran Thi Khanh Vi (Vietnam)

U21 Kumite Female -55 kg
Bronze - Onnuam Apasorn (Thailand)

U21 Kumite Female -61 kg
Gold - Nguyen Thi Ngoan (Vietnam)

U21 Kumite Female -68 kg
Silver - Nguyen Thi Viet Trinh (Vietnam)
Bronze - Rani Oktasari (Indonesia)

U21 Kumite Female 68+ kg
Bronze - Ariska Dyan Lailatul Qodriyah (Indonesia)

U21 Kumite Male -55 kg
Bronze - I Putu Agus Putra Bimantara (Indonesia)

U21 Kumite Male 84+ kg
Bronze - Aditya Pratama Suhendar (Indonesia)

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