Thursday, December 15, 2016

Philippine International Chess Open 2016

The Philippine International Chess Open 2016 was held at the Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel in Olongapo City from December 6 to December 11. The tournament was organized by National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP). A Challenger division or category was also held at the same time. 

Three Southeast Asian countries played in this tournament - host Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. 

Among the 39 chess players, only Vietnam made it to the podium. 

It was Vietnamese master Trần Tuấn Minh who settled for second place with a accumulated total points of 6.5. His points was same as the tournament winner Wang Hao of China. 

For host Philippines with 21 players, it was Haridas Pascua who ranked 12th as the top finisher for the Philippines with 5 points. While Singapore Qing Aun Lee of Singapore finished 30th place. 

The tournament was participated by 11 countries including Armenia, Belarus, China, Georgia, India, Russia and Uzbekistan.

- Mara (PH_SeaGamesNews)

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