Thursday, March 23, 2017

🏒 2017 IIHF Men's Challenge Cup of Asia (Top Division)

Six nations competed at the 2017 IIHF Men's Challenge Cup of Asia - Top Division.

The event took place at the skating rink of the Central Plaza Grand Rama IX shopping mall (Ice Rink Arena) in Bangkok, Thailand from March 17 to March 23 for Top Division.

Among the Southeast Asian nations that saw action in this tournament were Malaysia, Singapore and host Thailand in Top Division.
Thailand and Singapore battled out for third rank on the last day of competition. It was Thailand that shown an aggressive offense as they blanked Singapore in their final match, 12-0. They got the third place with three wins and two defeats. Singapore placed 4th over-all. On the other hand, Malaysia ended the tournament win less.
United Arab Emirates tops the tourney with a clean record of 5 wins  followed by Mongolia with 4-1 win-loss cards.
Meanwhile, the Philippines will compete in the 2017 IIHF Men's Challenge Cup of Asia - Division I to be held in Kuwait next month.
Below were the results of our SEA teams at the 2017 IIHF Men's Challenge Cup of Asia.
Top Division
  • March 17 | Singapore 0-13 Mongolia
  • March 17 | Malaysia 3-10 United Arab Emirates
  • March 18 | Singapore 0-10 United Arab Emirates
  • March 18 | Thailand 14-1 Malaysia
  • March 20 | Malaysia 4-5 Singapore
  • March 20 | Thailand 5-4 Mongolia
  • March 21 | Malaysia 5-10 Mongolia
  • March 21 | Thailand 3-4 United Arab Emirates
  • March 23 | Thailand 12-0 Singapore

Singapore Team: Chin Ming Liang,  Ming Hong Choo, Daxuan Lok, Michael  Loh, Eng Wei Kevin Koh, Da-Lun Peter Tan,  Jian Lu Reeve Chew, Wee  Chew, Cheng Meng Albert Tan, Dian Yuan Darren Goh, Hung Wei Kok, TAN Gee Kuan George Tan, Ee Chong Kevin Tan, Pin Farm Ng, Junhao Leon Zhu, Donavan Christopher Ann and Ming Zhe Siah.

Malaysia Team:  Thien Ian Lee, Shahrul Ilyas Abdul Shukor, Eu Jin Yap, Muhammad Syukri Shaharudin, Jun Ming Low, Aiman Zul Rafiq Mohd Fadzul, Adris Ikmal Abd Razak, Mohammad Aqeel Noor Hisham, Jia Yung Moi, Wai Kin Brandon Tan, Mohammad Hariz Mohammad Oryza Ananda, Chee Ming Bryan Lim,  Rafel Zichry Onn Mohammed Rhiza, Aqfar Naeem Aulais, Aiman Thaqib Mohd Fadzul and Cheong Jun Richard Yow

Thailand Team: Pattarapol ungkulpattanasuk, Prakpoom Thongaram, Chanchit Supadillokluk, Likit Neimwan, Tewin  Chartsuwan, Teerasak Rattanachot, Jantaphong Tengsakul, Chayutapon Kulrat, Papan Thanakroekkiat, Masato Kitayama, Hideki Nagayama, Phandaj Khuhakaew, Paniti Nawasmittawong, Dechbadin Jittranont, Anun Kullugin, Rakchai Sukwiboon, Chanchieo Supadilokluk, Weerachai Prasertsri, Prawes Kaewjeen, Chanokchon Limpinphet, Peravit Kovitaya and Chaval Jiravanon

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