Sunday, April 16, 2017

🏓 23rd ITTF-Asian Table Tennis Championships

Five of the Southeast Asian (SEA) countries took part in the 23rd ITTF-Asian Table Tennis Championships held in Wuxi, China from April 9 to April 16. These were Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Southeast Asian (SEA) teams' campaign in this regional tournament were not successful as some only reached the quarterfinal round. 

In men's singles event, Gao Ning of Singapore was able of reaching round of 16.  He was defeated by Koki Niwa of Japan in that tournament phase and was unable to advance in the quarterfinals. Zhendong Fan of China won the gold medal for this event. 

In the women's singles event, Singapore's Tianwei Feng garnered the highest placement from Southeast Asia reaching the quarterfinal round but was defeated by China's Yuling Zhu. Feng failed to advance to the semifinal round. Miu Hirano emerged as the champion for this event defeating China's Meng Cheng in gold medal match.

In the men's doubles, another Singaporean paddlers reached the quarterfinal round. Gao Ning and Pang Xue Jie was unable to advance in the semifinals as the duo suffered defeat against the China's tandem of Fan and Lin. 

Unluckily in the mixed team and women's doubles events, no teams from Southeast Asia reached the quarterfinals. Southeast Asian (SEA) teams had an early exits in the round of 16 stage. Singapore and Thailand had the best performances among the SEA nations in this Asian championships. 

Photo via Red Sports/Lee Jian Wei
Men's Team Event
Champion Division
  • Quarterfinals: Singapore 2-3 Chinese Taipei
  • 5th-8th: Singapore 3-1 DPR Korea
  • 5th-6th: Singapore 0-3 Hong Kong

Division 1
  • 9th-12: Malaysia 0-3 DPR Korea
  • 9th-12: Thailand 3-2 Vietnam
  • 9th-10th: Thailand 2-3 Iran
  • 11th-12th: Malaysia 3-1 Vietnam
  • 13th-18th: Indonesia 3-2 Uzbekistan
  • 13th-16th: Indonesia 1-3 Kazakhstan
  • 15th-16th: Indonesia 3-1 Pakistan
Women's Team Event
Champion Division
  • Quarterfinals: Thailand 0-3 Hong Kong
  • Quarterfinals: Singapore 0-3 Japan
  • 5th-8th: Thailand 1-3 Chinese Taipei
  • 5th-8th: Singapore 2-3 DPR Korea
  • 7th-8th: Thailand 3-0 Singapore

Division 1
  • 9th-12th: Malaysia 3-2 Iran
  • 9th-12th: Singapore 3-1 Malaysia
  • 9th-10th: Malaysia 0-3 India  
  • Singapore 0-3 Chinese Taipei (Promoted to Champion Div.)
  • 13th-18th: Vietnam 3-1 Lebanon
  • 13th-18th: Indonesia - BYE
  • 13th-16th: Vietnam 3-1 Indonesia 
  • 13th-14th: Vietnam 3-0 Uzbekistan
  • 15th-16th: Indonesia 3-0 Macau

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