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🏐 SMM 2017 Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships

The SMM 2017 Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships was held from April 14 to April 17 at Samila beach in Thailand. A total of 60 teams - 32 pairs in men's from 17 countries while 28 pairs from 14 countries in the women's side collided in a 4-day beach volleyball tournament.

Our Southeast Asian (SEA) countries who were present in this event were Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam and host Thailand. 

In the men's event which was divided into 8 pools, the middle eastern countries like Iran and Qatar were very dominant inside the court. But our SEA teams was challenged as three teams reached the quarterfinal round. These were teams from Indonesia (Ramadan/Prabadi & Rachmawan/Asfiya) and Thailand's duo of Inkiew and Padsawud.

Of the three teams who advanced in the quarterfinals, only the pair of Ade Candra Rachmawan and Mohammad Asfiya of Indonesia won and advanced to the semifinal round. The duo defeated Jefferson and Cherif of Qatar in a thrilling match, 21-17, 7-21 and 15-13. These two pairs battled already for the gold medal match a couple of days ago in the SMM AVC Beach Tour EST Cola 2nd Satun-Pak Bara Open 2017. Qatar won the gold medal while Indonesia settled for silver medal in that previous tournament . 

And because of the turn of event and sweet revenged of Indonesia against Qatar, Rachmawan and Asfiya faced the pair of McHugh and Schumann from Australia in the semifinal match. It was Indonesia's dominance who prevailed in the semifinals as Australia surrendered two sets to the red and white flag, 21-18 and 21-16.
In the gold medal match for men, Indonesia battled a strong team from Iran. All sets were closely tight but Iran's Rahman Raoufi and Bahman Salemi Injehboron  kept their sight for victory and win the title, 22-20, 12-21 and 15-12. Indonesia settled for silver medal.  
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In the women's event, only two teams from Southeast Asia advanced in the quarterfinal round. These were Dhita Juliana and Putu Dini Utami of Indonesia and the tandem of Rumpairuet Numwong and Khanittha Hongpak of Thailand.

Dhita and Putu defeated the duo of Suzuki and Ishii of Japan, 21-19 and 21-14 to advance in the semifinal round. While Thailand's duo of Numwong and Hongpak was unlucky to reach the semifinals as they were defeated by Bell & Laird of Australia, 21-16 and 21-15.

Indonesia's journey to the finals was stopped by China's Wang and Yue, 16-21, 18-21 putting them to play against another semifinalist loser Australia (Bawden/Clancy) for a bronze medal match.
The battle for third place was not a one-sided game as Indonesia snatched a set from the Australian duo, 8-21, 21-17 and 8-15. Indonesia just settled in 4th place. 

Photo via AVC
SEA Men's Team
  • Ade Candra Rachmawan and Mohammad Asfiya (Indonesia)
  • Gilang Ramadan and Prabadi Prabadi (Indonesia)
  • Saykhamdun Lida and Pheubbouda Sonpaseuth (Laos)
  • Gilbert Jipung Tan and Hong Chuan Zhou (Singapore)
  • Nattanon Inkiew and Sattawat Padsawud (Thailand)
  • Adisorn Khaolumtarn and Marudet Buntem (Thailand)
  • Kitti Duangjinoa and Surin Jongklang (Thailand)

SEA Women's Team
  • Dhita Juliana and Putu Dini Utami (Indonesia) 
  • Desi Ratnasari and Eka Yokebed (Indonesia)
  • Hui Hui Eliza Chong and Gladys Lee (Singapore)
  • Varapatsorn Radarong and Tanarattha Udomchavee (Thailand)
  • Rumpairuet Numwong and Khanittha Hongpak (Thailand)
  • Kijja Kantarak and Ariya Laosaengsa (Thailand)
  • Pawarun Chanthawichai and Thatsarida Singchuea (Thailand)
  • Van Thi Thu and Bich Vi Le Ti (Vietnam)
  • Thi Hoa Mai and Cam Thi Tran (Vietnam)

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