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About ASEAN University Games

The principal objective of the ASEAN University Sports Council (AUSC) is to create the conditions for a meeting and an exchange between university and institution of higher learning from ASEAN region in a context that bring together culture, education and physical sporting activity. AUSC creates conditions for the university athletes and sports leader of different background to get to know and understand each other in order to be enriched with all the aspects of their diversity. AUSC with its origin in 1981 has seen 14 ASEAN University Games (AUG). Through AUG, the council brings together the University Community in a wider sense, necessarily to achieve harmony between academic excellence and top-level sporting achievement.

AUSC also aim to become a powerful channel of communication by creating conditions for meeting, seminars, workshop, individual sporting championships and exchange between university persons from the ASEAN region.

The ASEAN University Games (AUG) is organized biennially by host countries on rotational basis. The host nation shall propose the number of sports to be contested at Council meeting and all decision pertaining to the AUG will be on consensus by the nations.

With its inception in 1981, the ASEAN University Games has grown in strength, numbers and quality. More member nations have offered to host and participate in the AUG. The Council has also invited Timor Leste to be a guest member for future AUG beginning with the 14th AUG in Malaysia.

Indeed, AUSC has worked hard in promoting solidarity and is steadfast about contributing to the ongoing goodwill, understanding and comradeship of nations in the true ASEAN spirit. AUSC will be the ‘flag bearer’ of ASEAN at international arena of sports and aims to produce quality sportsmen and sportswomen at the world stage.


The logo of the ASEAN University Sports Council is the sole property of the Council. The letters 'AUSC', the letter 'U' in four different colors, the five interlinked rings, the two stalks of olive leaves and the torch are all integral components of the logo.


The principle objective of the AUSC is to create the conditions for meetings and exchange between university sports persons from the ASEAN region in a context that brings together, education and physical activity. The following objectives were the founding principles for the council

  • To promote friendship and better understanding through sporting activities between/amongst member countries; -
  • To encourage development of sporting and recreational activities amongst member nations; -
  • To improve the professional preparations of expertise in the areas of physical education and sports management while making available these expertise to member nations; -
  • To provide an easy access to information and resources for all AUSC members on activities and projects; -
  • To administer and organize meetings, seminars, workshops and to coordinate the biennial ASEAN University Games (AUG) more efficiently; -
  • To cooperate and provide task force for the development , planning and implementation of the AUG and championships; -
  • To affiliate with and participate international organizations of similar purposes to enable high level exposure to athletes from the region; - AUSC through its secretariat to serve as an archive and a one-stop center for information to member nations. Thailand

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